We welcome you to join Friends of White Flint!
Friends of White Flint is the only independent organization working toward the successful redevelopment of the White Flint Sectors. We are neither controlled by a single interest group nor a governmental entity so we retain the ability to speak openly about what we believe will keep the plan on track to reaching its potential.

We strive to keep our membership and Board of Directors balanced between the three categories of “stakeholders” in the White Flint Sector Plan development process: residents/ community organizations, businesses, and property owners/ developers.  Renewable on an annual basis, membership is an important way to move White Flint forward!  Select your category at the bottom of this page to join.

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Why join Friends of White Flint?

Help Ensure the White Flint District Reaches its Potential 

Our community of stakeholders worked has worked tirelessly for the past seven years to ensure that the White Flint Sector Plan both reflects the needs and vision of all who will be impacted by this new district and that it is being executed properly. Our continued attention and advocacy helps keep the plan on track – and ensures that the promises made during the sector planning process are kept during implementation.

Maximize Your Voice and Join the Conversation

The power of Friends of White Flint comes from its wide scope and number of members, as well as the inherent power of information. Members from all stakeholder groups come to the table on equal footing, which provides for respectful discourse while finding consensus.  We advocate effectively at all levels – with the county, state and private parties working on White Flint redevelopment.

Community Commitment

The opportunity to give back to the community around us offers real and fulfilling benefits. Whether from a personal or professional viewpoint, our involvements in the world around us broaden our perspectives and show the world we care.  Include your events in our community calendar and be highlights on our blog and in our new directory.

Networking and Events

As our area grows, maintaining connections is key for personal and professional success.  Friends of White Flint offers both a virtual platform for relationship-building and real life opportunities to join together as a community.  Our events offer the chance to bring members from all perspectives and stakeholder groups into the same room for real discourse.

Economic Benefits

White Flint is poised to become the economic engine of our county, which is the economic engine of our state. As the district reaches its potential, there will be exciting benefits for all stakeholders in and around the area.  A successful White Flint means thriving properties and businesses and vibrant and attractive neighborhoods. 

Depth of Opportunity from Joining a Subcommittee  

For more substantive involvement, members are welcome to join any of four subcommittees.  Each subcommittee has a unique focus and offers varying roles of involvement and leadership.

    • Membership: Ensuring we’re reaching every corner of our community so all have a voice in our work.
    • Transit, Transportation and Infrastructure: Continuing the advocacy in these areas to ensure that the public pieces of White Flint keep paces with the private pieces.
    • Events: The networking power of Friends of White Flint is best enjoyed when in-person events complement our virtual presence.
    • Marketing and Branding: It’s time for this area to find a cohesive and consistent brand so that we no longer miss marketing opportunities. Just as Friends of White Flint has found consensus on many other issues, we must have an impact in this realm.

Membership Categories

Resident or Community Organization

Residents and Community Organizations in or near White Flint

Price: Free

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Persons who are associated with organizations eligible to join in another Class. Also non-residents of the White Flint area, or organizations which do not serve the White Flint area.

Price: $40.00

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Business Membership – Small/Medium Business

Business in or which serves White Flint with fewer than 20 employees.

Price: $250.00

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Business Membership – Large Business

Business with an office in or which serves White Flint and 20 or more employees.

Price: $500.00

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Business Membership – A Regional or National Business

Business with more than 20 employees and more than one office, one of which is in or which serves White Flint.

Price: $2,000.00

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Property Owner/Developer Membership – Smallest Single Property

An owner or developer of property in White Flint whose single property is one acre in size or less.

Price: $1,000.00

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Property Owner/Developer Membership – Small/Medium Property

Owner or Developer of 1 to 10 acres of property in White Flint.

Price: $5,000.00

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Property Owner/Developer Membership – Large Property

Property Owner or Developer with more than 10 acres in White Flint.

Price: $10,000.00

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