Pike District Branding and Marketing Update November 2019

Pike District Branding/Marketing Update November 2019 from Maier Warner, the contractor handling the Pike District campaign.

  • Website – We anticipate launching a new website soon.
  • Social Media – Since the month of April, Pike District Facebook has increased its followership by 452 fans. Additionally, each week we are reaching around 1700 people with our content, helping to promote the brand. Twitter followers have grown 729 and Instagram has grown to 630 followers.

We launched The Scoop in June and average a 35% open rate. We also use eblasts to communicate to the food truck audience. We now have 1,121 on our master list and 110 on our food truck list.  

  • Events — Pop-up
    • Pike District is hosting a Happy Hour at Quincy’s South on Wednesday November 13. We will be handing out swag, collecting email addresses and doing a raffle for gift cards
    • Pike District is hosting Artists & Makers First Friday on Friday December 6. We are working with Relish, a PD caterer, and 7 Locks. We will be raffling off gift certificates and collecting email addresses. Event attracts 300-500 people.
    • #FoodonWheels will continue in both locations until the weather turns
    • We hosted our first office lobby activation at 11810 Grand Park Avenue. We served breakfast from Summer House. About 100 people attended and we collected about 72 email addresses. We also picked a winner of a $100 gift card to Summer House.
    • Welcome gift bags were ordered and be distributed over the next few weeks to local apartment communities.
    • We are also planning to bring breakfast to some local Realtor offices to share information about the Pike District
  • Placemaking
    • We will be installing a banner on the pedestrian walkway fence that faces Old Georgetown Road right after the website launches.
    • We have approval from WMATA to hang light pole banners on Rockville Pike. We anticipate they will be installed in December.
    • A proposal was submitted to the WMATA Art in Transit team to install a mural on the wall facing Rockville Pike.
    • Marinelli Pocket Park (northwest corner of Rockville Pike and Marinelli behind Metro entrance). We have a proposal for permanent tables and chairs as well as a shade sail. We are awaiting a proposal for street furniture.

Curious about the Pike District Branding and Placemaking Campaign? Here’s an update.

Kris Warner of Maier Warner provided the following update on their Pike District branding and placemaking work.

  1. Website – the new site is in production and we anticipate an early November launch.
  2. Social Media – Since the month of April, Pike District Facebook has increased to 823 followers and reaching nearly 4,000 people each month. Twitter followers have grown to 714 and Instagram has grown to 606 followers.
  3. We launched Pike District monthly newsletter, The Scoop, in June and average a 35% open rate to 1,151 subscribers. We also use eblasts to communicate to the food truck audience and are building a separate list. Currently there are nearly 100 on our #FoodOnWheels mailing list. Here are links to the latest: https://mailchi.mp/6e2f2d28a9b6/k9-and-feelin-fine?e=[UNIQID]https://mailchi.mp/141c599bc8c2/the-scoop-music-in-the-pike-district-its-good-for-your-healthhttps://mailchi.mp/f3ff73679c8d/the-scoop-ways-to-find-your-spring-vibe-in-the-pike-district. To sign up to receive future newsletters, please click here: http://eepurl.com/c7xlkT
  4. Events
    1. Pop Ups
      1. Over the summer, we hosted two pop-ups at Metro, engaging with Metro riders by handing out cookies and ice cream and talking with them about the Pike District.
      2. #FoodonWheels was launch in August with two locations – Chapman Avenue at Marinelli and at 6100 Executive Blvd. Sales have been good some weeks but inconsistent. We continue to work with property management in all the nearby office buildings to make more employees aware of the weekly food trucks.
      3. We are kicking off our office lobby activations next week with food and/or giveaways
      4. We are also planning a welcome gift program to new residents moving into Pike District apartment communities.

Pike District in the News … Again!

Yesterday, the Washington Business Journal published an interesting story about the ULI Panel report on branding the Pike District. Titled “Branding Rockville Pike? Please, no giant ‘Pike District’ sign”, the article noted that Rockville Pike “is slowly urbanizing. The auto-oriented corridor you might know as White Flint or Rockville or North Bethesda will evolve over the years with new developments and the possible introduction of bus rapid transit.”

WBJ wrote, “The (ULI) panel urged Montgomery County to allow the area to brand organically, while “reclaiming” the public spaces with LED sidewalk lighting, enhanced and “whimsical” crosswalks, elevated road levels at intersections, and giant, colorful intersection pylons — like what one might see at Symphony Park in Las Vegas, or along 14th Street in Denver. As tall as 30 feet and illuminated at night, the Pike District pylons would serve as “placemaking archways” and meeting destinations, maps, informational kiosks, places to hang streetlights and street signs, and as smartphone charging stations.”