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More on the budget

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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Normal life continues in some ways — and one of those ways is the county budget. Before you reach the end of the internet in a mostly futile attempt to entertain yourself, take a minute and read up on this year’s budget. There’s a lot going on with this budget — including a rise in the property tax proposed by the County Executive and already dismissed by 8 of the 9 council members.…

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Metro’s revised budget restores some service!

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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Metro listened to all of us! Your emails and surveys were effective, and our advocacy worked! (Not perfectly, but pretty darn well.)

  • Rail service proposal would only reduce frequency in peak travel periods, such that trains would operate about every 8 minutes on all lines.

  • Off-peak rail service reductions originally proposed would not be implemented.

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8 minutes between Metro trains at rush hour?! And 15 minutes during non-peak times?!

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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You may have seen articles in the media about the just released proposed WMATA budget. If not, here are a couple of links to bring you up-to-date.

Unfortunately, the proposed budget, if passed, means very long gaps between trains at White Flint.  During peak hours, trains will come every 8 minutes.  …

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Montgomery County Council FY-15 Budget Updates

Posted on by Rebecca Hertz

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The Montgomery County Council met on Thursday, May 15 to deliberate on the FY-15 Montgomery County Operating Budget and the FY 2015-20 Capital Improvements Program. The council came to an unanimous tentative agreement on the Operating Budget for FY-15 and the FY2015-20 CIP.

Some of the key actions to took place that are important for White Flint include:

  •  The approval of the FY 15 Montgomery County Operating Budget of $4.99
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