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Why Did the Chicken Cross Rockville Pike?

Posted on by Barnaby Zall


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Why? To reach the Bus Rapid Transit stop.


A new study of Bus Rapid Transit options in Montgomery County has County officials scrambling to avoid egg on their faces. The officials who commissioned the new study (paid for by a grant by the Rockefeller Foundation) received the report in December, but the Washington Post broke the study story today.…

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Transportation Funding is a Hot Button Issue

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman

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Transportation funding is the hot button issue engaging lawmakers of late.  They’ve had a summit in Annapolis and are considering various ways to raise revenue but no solutions have yet been agreed upon.  It looks like lots of options are on the table – read more at Bethesda Now:…

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Transit on the Brain

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman

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On the heels of today’s Transportation Summit in Annapolis, transit and its funding are on the brain.  White Flint’s success is reliant on a solid transit infrastructure.  If you’re interested in local transit issues, Montgomery County has a public-private Transit Task Force working toward a comprehensive rapid transit system.  Learn more about it by following the below link:



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