Planning Board Transportation Priority List Reflects the Importance of the White Flint area

Here is the staff memo for the Planning Board’s Capital Improvements Program Priorities – Transportation and School Facilities. The Planning Board will discuss these priorities on Thursday.

Below is a list of the school and transportation projects that affect the White Flint/Pike District area. We’re thrilled that Woodward is the top school project — it is the key to lifting the current moratorium. 

We;re also delighted that so many White Flint/Pike District projects make the top ten of the transportation projects — BRT, the other road network improvements, and the White Flint Metro North entrance.  We might quibble over putting the north metro entrance higher in the list … and higher than the Forest Glen metro stop north entrance … but considering the large expanse of our county and its many needs, but getting three of the top ten projects for our area is a testament to our advocacy efforts and the potential of our area to become all that is envisioned.

Note that the City of Rockville to Friendship Heights Breezeway that is mentioned in various segments throughout the priority list will also be a positive bikeway addition to our neighborhood.