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The County Executive’s CIP Budget

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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Yesterday, the County Executive released his proposed capital budget, called the CIP or Capital Improvements Program budget. In the North Bethesda area, there are 19 projects totaling $458 million. That said, many of the projects have no funding. You can learn more by clicking here.

We’re happy there are funds for the White Flint fire station and the Western Workaround but very disappointed the County Executive recommended no funds for a second metro entrance.…

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Where White Flint Stands in the CIP Budget

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman


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**Updated at 9:50am with ways to be heard on the proposed budget.

Over the summer, we told you about the county’s Capital Improvement Programs budget.  This budget covers all capital projects (think physical projects, like buildings and roads) and is created as a six-year plan every other year.  This is a capital budget creation year.  

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Updates from the Implementation Advisory Committee, Oct. 21 2013

Posted on by Amy Donin

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The Implementation Advisory Committee met again this Monday to discuss updates on what’s happening in the area. About half of the meeting was focused on an amendment to the Pike and Rose phase I plan – we’ll have more on that soon. For now, here are general updates from the meeting:

Nkosi Yearwood from the Planning Department updated the group on the Marinelli bike lanes.  …

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