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Want better streets in White Flint? Tell the governor, says MCDOT

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White Flint’s future as an urban place depends on a street network that welcomes people on foot and bike, not just in cars, and roads that are pleasant to spend time in, not just move through. But Montgomery County’s Department of Transportation may not make getting there easy.

On Monday, MCDOT representatives gave a presentation to the White Flint Implementation Advisory Committee about the Western Workaround, a network of new streets on the west side of Rockville Pike.…

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Pioneer Planning

Posted on by Amy Donin

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Salt Lake Complete Streets

Source: Deseret News

Like many aspects of New Urbanism, the notion of complete streets isn’t a totally novel idea. A couple of weeks ago, the Congress for the New Urbanism held their annual conference in Salt Lake City – a city built with complete streets in mind. Joseph Smith, the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, created a plat referred to as the “Plat of the City of Zion,” which laid out a comprehensive grid system for Salt Lake (and was to be used as a template for other Mormon cities).…

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What makes a good “complete streets” policy?

Posted on by Amy Donin

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The National Complete Streets Coalition identifies 10 elements of an ideal complete streets policy model:

1. Vision and intent: The policy outlines a vision for how and why the community wants to complete its streets.

2. All users and modes: The policy specifies that “all users” includes pedestrians, bicyclists and transit passengers of all ages and abilities, as well as trucks, buses and automobiles.…

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