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Wouldn’t these artsy crosswalks be perfect for the Pike District?

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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How can we make it safer for pedestrians, brand the Pike District, and beautify our neighborhood with  inexpensive paint, some creativity, and a bit of flexibility from MCDOT and SHA? With eye-catching crosswalks like these. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and it’s wonderful. I  can’t imagine any reason why we wouldn’t we do this.…

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“The Smart Crosswalk”

Posted on by Rebecca Hertz

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Ever felt like a crosswalk signal did not give you enough time to cross a street? Well, Singapore is taking a unique approach to address this problem. Singapore is now offering “a system to give certain pedestrians more time to cross.”

Singapore city planners have created this new Green Man Plus technology, which uses a special card like a “smart-trip” only for qualified individuals that will automatically call for additional time at pedestrian crosswalk. …

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