The “Curbee”

Have you ever heard of the “Curbee?” Well, neither did we until yesterday. The “Curbee” is a bicycle footrest and handrail making its way to the United States. Currently, the Curbee is only available in Milwaukee and Chicago but it could be coming to city near us if we want it to.

The Curbee allows bicyclists to keep their feet on the pedals of the bike or on the footrail (at pedal height) when stopped at a light so they can set off faster than when they keep their feet on the ground. Also, it provides a handrail for bicyclists to hold on to when they are at a stop-light to balance the bike without taking one’s feet off the pedals. The Curbee also can encourage more bicyclists to actually follow traffic laws such as stopping at a stop-light. In addition, the Curbee is mounted on top of the sidewalk, not “buried” in so the Curbee can be moved depending on traffic patterns.

Check out more about the Curbee here.

Is this something we would want in White Flint? Perhaps providing fresh and new bicycling or pedestrian amenities might attract more individuals to bike or walk in our urban areas. Let us know what you think!


lead_largeThe Curbee in Chicago     Steven Vance via City Lab