Please make a generous contribution to Friends of White Flint this giving season.

Friends of White Flint needs your support to keep our community informed and to advocate for our neighborhood. Can we count on you to make a donation today to support Friends of White Flint and your community? Every gift, large or small, makes a tremendous difference. 

You can make a donation to Friends of White Flint by clicking here.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to Friends of White Flint’s sister organization, the Pike District Community Fund, by clicking here.

With your generous financial support, Friends of White Flint will continue to be the effective, efficient organization our community needs. Please donate today.

If you’d like to donate via check, you can mail your contribution to

Friends of White Flint
PO Box 2761
White Flint Station
Kensington, MD  20891

With your help and support, this year Friends of White Flint has:

Increased pedestrian safety by persuading MCDOT to paint new crosswalks and install other pedestrian improvements

Kept the community informed about the ever-changing events and development of the Pike District through tours, our blog and e-newsletter, social media, and community presentations

Worked to ensure the best possible White Flint 2 sector plan

Helped organize a successful Fall Fest, a community event attended by over 1,000 people

Educated public officials and the community about the need for better walkability and bikeability

Advocated for an expanded and improved Wall Park

Advocated for better metro and transit service

Launched the very successful Resident Ambassador program

No matter how you give, your support will truly make a tangible difference in the place where you live, work, and play.  From all of us at Friends of White Flint, thank you very much for your generous contribution.

Thanks in advance for your help, time, and support!

Happy New Year, everyone.  Amy, here.

As you know better than most folks, Friends of White Flint ensures that our community will develop into a walkable, thriving neighborhood. We advocate for the full implementation of the 2010 White Flint Sector Plan, and we are helping to craft the White Flint 2 Sector Plan. We create and promote the businesses and events in our area, and perhaps most importantly, we make sure that your voice is heard.  Of course, we also keep you up-to-date with all the news of the Pike District through our daily blog and weekly e-newsletter.

As you make your last minute end-of-year donations, will you make a small contribution to support our important work? We’ll even give you a $10 AMP gift card as a token of our appreciation and enter you into a drawing for a pair of seats to the President’s Box at Strathmore for the performance of your choice. Please help us out with a small donation. A $10 or $25 gift will truly make a difference and have a tangible impact.

You can make a non-tax-deductible donation to Friends of White Flint to support our advocacy work by clicking HERE.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to our sister organization, the Pike District Community Fund, to fund education and outreach by clicking HERE.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!

Amy head shotAmy Ginsburg, Executive Director

The Community Counts on Friends; Can We Count on You?

You read this blog, so I don’t have to tell you how important Friends of White Flint is to our community and how Friends is helping to transform the Pike District/White Flint area into a walkable, sustainable, vibrant neighborhood. You know this better than anyone.

Friends of White Flint is truly a grassroots community organization. We need your financial support to keep the community informed and to advocate to ensure the proper implementation of the White Flint Sector Plan. Your support is essential to launch our audacious #PickthePike marketing campaign and to energize the community with fun events like Wall Park Grill Nights.

Can I count on you, just like the community counts on Friends of White Flint? Will you make a critical contribution to support our important work?

As a thank you for your generous gift, we will send you a $10 gift card to any AMP by Strathmore performance for any donation of $10 or more given before December 31. It’s quite a deal. You get to see a great show for a great price and Friends gets to keep on doing its great work. Everyone wins!

And everyone who donates before December 31 is entered into a drawing to receive two tickets to the President’s Box at Strathmore for a performance of your choice!

You have two options to donate:

  • To make a tax-deductible contribution to support public education through our sister organization the Pike District Community Fund, click HERE
  • To make a non-tax-deductible contribution to support advocacy work through Friends of White Flint, click HERE.

I so hope you will support your community with a donation. From all of us at Friends of White Flint, thank you very much for your generosity and support.

With tremendous gratitude,


Amy Ginsburg. Executive Director