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County Executive’s CIP Budget Released

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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The CIP Budget is Montgomery County’s Capital Budget. We’ve been studying the CIP budget and talking with county officials about the CIP budget since it was released a few days ago. You can read the budget details here. Below are some of the parts of the CIP that most affect the White Flint area.…

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Make Way for the Fire Station!

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman

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Bookmark and Share reports, with a photograph, that demolition has begun on Randolph Road and Maple Avenue to make room for the eventual ‘governmental hub’ of White Flint.  Montgomery County will build the White Flint fire station (which will replace the station currently on Rollins Avenue) and police substation on Randolph Road between Rockville Pike and Maple Avenue.  …

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Chapman Avenue, Extended

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman


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The enhancement of the street grid throughout White Flint is going to both improve connectivity and act to diffuse traffic that presently has fewer travel options.  We’ve written extensively about the planned Western Workaround, which will straighten Executive Boulevard on the west side of Rockville Pike and add new Market Street.  

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The timeline: Big moves, little moves

Posted on by dan reed!

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Part of an occasional series looking at how the new White Flint will come together.

The White Flint Sector Plan is made up of lots of “big moves,” like a new Rockville Pike, that will take a long time to complete. But there are also lots of smaller projects that will play a big role in the area’s evolution.…

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