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Are we building enough homes?

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg


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In a recent post on Greater Greater Washington, Dan Reed for Just Up the Pike shows that White Flint is second in Montgomery County for the number of residential units in the pipeline with 3,827 homes waiting  to be built.

If you add all of the county’s master plan or sector plan areas up, there were about 47,000 homes that have been approved to be built as of May 2018.…

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Our Greater Greater Washington Post from Friday in support of July 12 Walkable Wendesday

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg


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To make White Flint better for business, make the streets safer

By Amy Ginsburg (Guest Contributor)Pete Tomao (Contributor) July 7, 2017 14

A missing crosswalk on Old Georgetown Road. Photo by Dan Reed. Image licensed under Creative Commons.

In 2010, Montgomery County passed the White Flint Master Plan with hopes to turn the area into a transit-oriented destination.…

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