Images of Guardian’s 62+ Apartment Building

Guardian will soon be submitting its plans to the Planning Board for an age-restricted apartment building at 6000 Executive Blvd.  The Pike District/White Flint area doesn’t have any of this sort of housing (age 62 and older) so it will be a welcome addition to our community. This apartment building is building A, and the existing office building will remain.  Buildings B and C will be constructed at some point in the future.

A bike-pedestrian path is part of this project, a path that will eventually go all the way down Executive Blvd. at the other properties re-develop.

Enjoy these draft images of this exciting new project.






Guardian’s Redevelopment Plans Receive Initial Approval

Montgomery County Planning Department gave preliminary approval to the project at the corner of Executive Blvd. and Old Georgetown. Often called the Guardian property, it is located at 6000 Executive Blvd. It would be the first redevelopment in the White Flint 2 sector plan area and would be build in three phases.  There will be about 925,000 square feet of development, including 364 senior living homes. You can read the view the sketch plan submitted by Guardian here.

According to Bethesda Beat, “The “iconic” office and retail tower at the corner of Old Georgetown Road and Executive Boulevard would be the tallest building at about 200 feet in height, while one of the residential buildings—with about 233 homes—would be about 150 feet tall. At about 70 feet in height, a 131-unit structure would be the smallest of the new buildings because of its proximity to a neighborhood of single-family homes.

Guardian’s plans would provide 100,000 square feet of open space, including a bike path along the southern edge of the property that would form the first piece of a trail envisioned by the sector plan. A pocket green or plaza is proposed for a space along the larger residential building, and a half-acre neighborhood green would stand next to Old Georgetown Road.”

North Bethesda Property Owner Plans “Heroic” Office Tower, Active Adult Housing Near Pike & Rose

From Bethesda Beat

An initial proposal submitted earlier this month to the Montgomery County Planning Department by Guardian Realty LLC indicates the three new buildings would be arranged around an existing office building at 6000 Executive Blvd. The company owns the roughly 7-acre property and has its corporate offices in the seven-story building that currently stands on the site, just southwest of Pike & Rose.

The first phase of the project would be to construct a six-level building with 131 residential units for people aged 62 and older. The housing would sit above four levels of underground parking and would be on the south side of the existing office building.

The second phase would involve building a larger active adult complex, which could be up to 150 feet tall and have 233 units, according to the plan. An urban plaza would be wedged between the building’s north side and Executive Boulevard, and above-ground and underground parking would serve the community.

The final building would be an office and retail tower of up to 200 feet, standing at the intersection of Old Georgetown Road and Executive Boulevard. The plan calls for a neighborhood green of about a half-acre near Old Georgetown Road, possibly including seating areas and public art or a pavilion. Sidewalks and paths would connect an urban plaza at the tower’s northeast side with the entrance and the neighborhood green.

Read the entire article here.