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A little history of the Pike District

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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For those of you who grew up here and/or hung out in the Pike District of 40 years ago, here’s a little bit of history. Do you remember of the Rainbow Inn? Check out this document from the Maryland Historical Trust.

The Rainbow Inn was located at 11520 Rockville Pike, which is now a strip mall with Palm Beach Tan, Mirage Nails, and Stella’s Bakery and will one day be Saul Center West.…

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Envision the Confederates Marching Through White Flint

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman

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Yesterday’s Washington Post had a fascinating reference to White Flint.  Offering a bit of local history, the Style section highlighted the Civil War’s Battle of Bethesda, a skirmish right in our backyard.  Confederate soldiers, led by General John MacCausland, marched south right through the open farmland we now know as White Flint on their way to meet Union soliders marching up through Friendship Heights.  …

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See White Flint grow over time

Posted on by dan reed!

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Today, White Flint is a regional employment and shopping destination. Tomorrow, it could be a new downtown for Montgomery County. But just a few decades ago, White Flint was just a rural crossroads. Using aerial photos from Google Earth and the county’s Geographic Information Services, or GIS software, we can track the development of White Flint over time.…

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