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Josiah Henson in the News

Josiah Henson Park is one of the most important historical sites in the White Flint area. And Josiah Henson has been in the news lately.

First, the new Henson biography, Sharp Flashes of Lightning Come from Black Clouds: The Life of Josiah Hensonauthored by Montgomery Parks senior historian, Jamie Ferguson Kuhns – is now available! You can order copies online (www.JosiahHensonSite.org)

Maryland Public Television recently aired the new Henson documentary (now titled, “Redeeming Uncle Tom: The Josiah Henson Story”) that premiered last summer at AFI Theatre. It is now available for viewing online at: http://www.mpt.org/info/redeeminguncletom/

There was also a short companion interview, “The Dig: Josiah Henson” that expounds a bit on Henson’s connection to Stowe’s Uncle Tom, also available online at: https://video.mpt.tv/video/the-dig-josiah-henson-boobtu/

Learn about Energized Public Spaces Design Guidelines

The purpose of Montgomery Parks’ Energized Public Spaces (EPS) Design Guidelines is to create energized, inviting, easily accessible, attractive, comfortable, and safe public spaces.

The EPS Design Guidelines will provide overall direction for major features of parks and public spaces design including the recommended size, type of experiences and amenities that each park type should provide. You can read a draft of the EPS Design Guidelines here.

When complete, the EPS Design Guidelines will be a companion document to the Energized Public Spaces (EPS) Functional Master Plan.

The Vision & Goals

These guidelines will aim to create places within a short walk where people of all ages and incomes can meet, play, relax, exercise, enjoy nature and more in a range of public spaces where we have the most people.

The guidelines will develop flexible guidelines for public spaces, create a common language for planners, developers, and citizens, and examples that illustrate the guidelines intent.

Public Input

Ideas and comments from the public are welcome throughout the planning process. The public is welcome to submit comments our Open Town Hall Webpage  or Contact the Project Coordinator for additional information. There will be a public hearing on February 28th.

Tell Montgomery Parks What You Want in Future Parks and Recreation

Montgomery Parks just launched an outreach campaign called “Parks and Rec of the Future” to solicit public input. They have a dedicated online open town hall where people can very quickly and easily submit comments and/or take a survey to let them know what people would like for their parks and recreation amenities in the future.

Give your input today by clicking here: http://www.montgomeryparks.org/projects/public-input/#peak_democracy

Pop Ups in the Park in the Pike District

The Pop Up in Montgomery Parks campaign is part of an ongoing “activate urban parks” initiative that was launched last year. There are two coming to the White Flint area.

Touch a Truck

Whether they are climbing into the cab of a backhoe, riding in a bucket truck or turning a police cruiser lights on children of all ages can explore and learn about the trucks that help upkeep Montgomery County’s urban parks.

Rock Wall

Have you ever wanted to go rock climbing but just haven’t worked up the nerve? Why not give Montgomery Parks mobile climbing wall a try first? The climbing wall is twenty- six feet tall and you can try your hand at rock climbing skills in a local park.

What we discussed at this week’s White Flint 2 planning meeting

White Flint 2

The focus of this month’s White Flint 2 Sector Plan meeting was parks and open spaces. It featured a presentation by Rachel Newhouse from Montgomery Parks and a quick summary of the Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Program recommendations for Executive Boulevard.

You can see the full set of slides from ULI with their analysis and recommendations for Executive Boulevard here. Here is a summary of their recommendations:

  • Accelerate implementation of the north/west Pike & Rose Metrorail station entrance.

  • Implement the planned Old Georgetown Road and Executive Boulevard realignment (called the Western Workaround).

  • Improve pedestrian connections to amenities, such as those at Pike & Rose, and the existing White Flint Metrorail station.

  • Leverage and link to the White Flint recreation loop for walking and biking.

  • Introduce Bikeshare as a multimodal connector.

  • Introduce convenience retail for office workers and future residents, including coffee shops, cafes, drug stores, dry cleaners.

  • Decrease perceived distances between office building entrances and the street by encouraging small retail spaces, pop-up amenities (food trucks, parklets) and outdoor seating.

  • Embrace and enhance the ample green spaces, including mature trees and landscaping, already present.

  • Leverage and link the Executive Boulevard office park to Pike & Rose’s identity.

  • Create a consistent signage and streetscape package to reinforce new identify for office parks.

Andrea Gilles from MNCPPC discussed how pedestrians must walk 15 to 20 minutes from Executive Boulevard to the metro along a convoluted path. She suggested that a new metro entrance on the north side of White Flint metro would be quite beneficial in making the walk from Executive Boulevard to metro manageable and attractive.

The presentation on urban parks began with a description of the hierarchy of urban park planning.

  1. Active recreation destinations

  2. Central civic green for community gatherings

  3. Interconnected system of sidewalks and trails

  4. Wooded areas

Rachel Newhouse noted that open spaces can and are owned by both the public or government and the private sector. (For example, Wall Park is owned by the Parks Department while the open plaza at North Bethesda One is privately owned.) She also noted that urban parks typically don’t have parking lots; they are “walk to” spaces.

More specifically, she revealed a map that showed potential places for parks and opens spaces in WF2. (They promised to have the slides up on their website at http://www.montgomeryplanning.org/community/whiteflint2/.  They weren’t there as of this morning but keep checking.) Options include a large civic green at the Montrose Crossing if and when it re-develops, a path from Luxmanor Park to the Montrose Parkway bike path, a path from Luxmanor Park to Pike and Rose across the creek, a path along Executive Boulevard, a pocket park along Executive Boulevard, outdoor space at Loehmann’s Plaza if and when it re-develops, and outdoor space at Rocking Horse Elementary.

Participants were then asked to prioritize their hopes for open spaces and parks by voting with dots placed on various options, i.e. dog parks, jogging trails, sports fields, etc. so the planning department could better understand what the community wants as they draft the White Flint 2 Sector Plan.

(As a bonus, here are the slides from the November meeting on connectivity and transportation.)

Will You Have S’more Fun Tomorrow at Grill Night at Wall Park?

Grill Night

Don’t forget — the summer’s second fun-filled Grill Night is tomorrow, July 21 at 6pm at Wall Park by the Shiver Aquatic Center. Thanks to Gables Pike District for supplying the snacks, soft drinks, and paper products. Additional thanks to the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee for arranging for The Crimestoppers to play again and for all those yummy s’mores fixings they’ll be bringing. And of course, thank you, Montgomery Parks​, for supplying the grills and setting up all the picnic tables.

Time to Have S’more Fun at Grill Night at Wall Park July 21st

Grill Night

We’ve got the fixings for s’mores, hot grills, live music, snacks, soft drinks, and paper goods.  All we need is you and your friends and family to make the summer’s second Grill Night at Wall Park as successful as last month’s fun-filled event.  Let’s show everyone that we need and want our green space in the Pike District — grab something to grill and come to Wall Park next to the Shriver Aquatic Center, from 6pm to 8pm on Tuesday, July 21!

(Grill Night is sponsored by Friends of White Flint, White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee, and Montgomery Parks. A big thanks to the Gables Pike District for underwriting the cost of drinks, snacks, and paper goods!)