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Montouri Returns to the Drawing Board

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman

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In December, we offered a detailed look at Archstone’s plans for the Montouri Family Trust-owned property at Nebel Street and Old Georgetown Road.  Around the same time, Archstone, a prominent apartment developer, was being sold off for parts by its major investor, Lehman Brothers.      Contrary to initial reports, the Montouri contract has been dropped putting the property back at square one.  …

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“Real doors” give human scale, house-like benefits to apartment living

Posted on by dan reed!

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Houses have their perks: a yard, a private entrance, and a sense of individuality. Apartments have theirs as well: they’re affordable, low-maintenance, and have lots of shared amenities. What if you could get best of both worlds? Several new apartment communities being built in White Flint do just that with something called “real doors.”…

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Warehouse-inspired apartments could come to Montouri property

Posted on by dan reed!


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Tenants of a proposed apartment building at Old Georgetown Road and Nebel Street could enjoy historic warehouse design, new pocket parks and even a bikeshare station, said apartment developer Archstone at a public meeting last week at the Magen David Sephardic Congregation.

Representatives from Archstone presented their early concepts for a new building on the Montouri property, located across from Harris Teeter.…

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