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Latest Rendering of Arrowwood

Arrowwood, a 294 unit residential building at the corner of Citadel Avenue and Marinelli Road, will begin construction in January, 2019. Located near Harris Teeter, Wentworth House, and Aurora, Arrowwood will bring more housing to the White Flint/Pike District area in 2021. LCOR is the developer of this exciting new addition to our community that will be part of North Bethesda Center.

Arrrowwood Apartments

Meet North Bethesda Center’s Newest Residential Building

On Monday night, LCOR presented its plans for a new residential building at the 32.5 acre North Bethesda Center. (NRC, Harris Teeter, The Aurora, and Wentworth House are all part of North Bethesda Center.) The new building will be located on Parcel G (and until they come up with a better name, the apartment building will be called Parcel G as well.

This new seven story residential stick-built building will feature 294 one- and two-bedroom homes, including 27 MPDU units, 12.5% of the total. 350 garage parking spaces will be located under the residences. The building’s entrance will face the common green space, and the garage entrance will be located on Wentworth. A lovely courtyard is the center of the new building, complimenting the building’s ‘bold, modern design with a a warm, inviting architecture.’

LCOR hopes to present its preliminary site plan application to the Planning Board by July 31 and begin construction in the third quarter of 2018. Construction should take about two years. With the noisy metro bus depot across the street, the windows in Parcel G will have a high STC (sound transfer coefficient) to boost sound-proofing.

Pedestrian paths, amenities, a clubhouse, plantings, and artistic storm water management are all part of the plans for this new addition to the Pike District. Planters will filter storm water, and they plan to utilize native tree species as much as is feasible.

Most people at the Implementation Committee Monday night were impressed with the plans and look of this new building. However, several community members expressed disappointment that the dog park at North Bethesda Center will disappear when Parcel G is built.

LCOR explained that it is constructing a mid-rise building on Parcel G because the economics don’t work for a high rise building right now the economics of a wood frame building does work right now.

White Flint in the News

White Flint Mall Redevelopment

White Flint Mall redevelopment took another step forward last week.   As we’ve reported, Lord & Taylor filed for an injunction last year to halt the revelopment of the mall property.  This was denied in December and Lord & Taylor filed an appeal.  That appeal hit a snag last week when a federal judge upheld the original denial, clearing the way for White Flint Mall to proceed. According to Washington Business Journal:  “Judge Roger Titus, in a Feb. 7 ruling, said Lord & Taylor failed to show that it would ‘suffer irreparable injury’ if its request for a temporary halt to development was not granted. In addition, Titus said Lord & Taylor waited too long to request an injunction in the case.” Read the full article by clicking here.

FDA Moving Workers to White Flint

The Washington Business Journal also reports that the White Flint district can expect another 1,000 workers this summer.  The FDA will be moving a complement of its workforce into Three White Flint, the new building constructed by LCOR on Marinelli Road.  Originally constructed for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the building has failed to fill out as projected.  It is located between the Metro Station and the Metro garage; it’s one of the most central White Flint district locations.  Four floors of the building will be used to consolidate FDA employees from other sites around Montgomery County. Read the full article by clicking here.

The timeline: Cranes over White Flint

Part of an occasional series looking at how the new White Flint will come together.

Cranes are rising over White Flint as the vision of the White Flint Sector Plan becomes a reality. But while some projects are humming along towards opening day, others are proceeding more slowly. In our next Timeline post, let’s take a look at the status of four local developments in various stages of planning and construction.

North Bethesda Market II could have the tallest building in Montgomery County. Rendering from STUDIOS Architecture.

Gables Wall Park: Groundbreaking in 2015

While Montgomery Parks looks at renovating Wall Park, located at Executive Boulevard and Nicholson Lane, developer Gables is moving forward with plans to build apartments next door.

“Our project is moving forward slowly but surely,” writes Eddie Meder, development associate at Gables. The Planning Board approved Gables’ sketch plan for the project in October, meaning they will next have to submit a preliminary and site plan, with more detailed information about how the development would work, and get it approved. That process could take up to a year.

Meder hopes to hold another public meeting in the spring to let everyone know what’s going on with the project. The goal is to start construction in “mid-to-late 2015,” he says, adding, “Of course, that may be a little optimistic.” Executive Boulevard cuts across the proposed building site today, and it’ll have to be moved as part of a project the county and state are working on called the Western Workaround, which is scheduled to start around the same time.

East Village: 2015-2016

Foulger-Pratt and ProMark have teamed up to build East Village at North Bethesda Gateway, a project at Rockville Pike and Nicholson Lane aimed at younger Millennials. They plan to replace a 1960’s-era office building with two mid-rise buildings containing 640 apartments and 36,000 square feet of retail space.

Both the apartments and the retail spaces will be smaller than average, to keep rents low. The developers hope that will draw younger renters who can’t afford some of White Flint’s more high-end buildings, and “local, authentic” retailers that don’t need a lot of space.

The developers originally planned to break ground by the end of 2014, but this week, Rob Eisinger at ProMark told us that they now anticipate doing so in late 2015 “assuming the site plan process goes smoothly.” That means the first building may not open until the end of 2016.

Metro Pike Center: Wait and see

Standing at Rockville Pike and Nicholson Lane today, you’ll see a Staples and a two-story strip mall with a David’s Bridal in it. But Bethesda-based BF Saul, which bought the two properties, plans to replace them both with high-rise apartments and offices over shops along a new linear park.

BF Saul proposes a pedestrian plaza along the west side of Rockville Pike.

BF Saul proposes a pedestrian plaza along the west side of Rockville Pike.

Dubbed Metro Pike Center, the project’s had a few design changes after residents complained about there not being enough street-level retail proposed along Rockville Pike. A “sketch plan” outlining general features of the project is now under review at the Planning Department, says Brian Downie, Senior Vice President for Development at BF Saul, who anticipates having a public hearing before the Planning Board next February.

But it’s unclear what will happen after that. If their sketch plan is approved, BF Saul will have to submit a more detailed site plan later before breaking ground. “We don’t have any set project timeline,” Downie wrote in an email to FOWF. “That timeline takes shape as the application moves forward.”

We also asked Downie what’s happening with Woodglen Drive, which will extend from its current end at Nicholson behind Metro Pike Center to Marinelli. Evan Goldman of Federal Realty, which is building a segment of Woodglen at their Pike + Rose development further north, wants BF Saul to scoot their proposed street over to make the connection.

Downie says it’s staying the same for now, writing, “The [street] alignment in our drawings tracks the alignment settled almost six years ago,” when the property’s former owner, Holladay Corporation, submitted plans for a similar project. Changing the street may also also require permission from the owners of the Grand, an apartment building behind Metro Pike Center.

North Bethesda Market II: Eventually

One of the most anticipated projects in White Flint may be the furthest away from happening. North Bethesda Market II, located at Rockville Pike and Executive Boulevard, would contain Montgomery County’s tallest building, at over 330 feet tall, along with a movie theatre and a plaza designed for events and festivals. It’s a more energetic version of its sister development, North Bethesda Market, located across Executive Boulevard and home to the county’s current tallest building.

Montgomery County approved the project in 2012. But if you’re waiting for shovels in the ground, you may not wnat to hold your breath. “We don’t have anything to share on NoBe II at this time,” writes Greg Trimmer, principal at developer JBG, in an email to FOWF. “We are fully entitled, but have not yet submitted for permit.”

The Aurora Tops Out

On June 25th, the second residential phase of North Bethesda Center reached new heights.  The 18-story Aurora, being constructed next to Harris Teeter/Wentworth House at Old Georgetown Road and Nebel Street, had its “topping out” ceremony with nearly 100 people from developer LCOR and KBR building group.

20130629 Aurora Progress Photos 059


“It’s a milestone event that signifies completion of the structure for a building… [and] symbolizes the evolution of a building from structural construction to commencement of close-in activities,” says Mike Smith, Senior Vice President of LCOR.

IMG_1047The workforce is thanked for their service with a ceremony and lunch

20130629 Aurora Progress Photos 011

20130629 Aurora Progress Photos 001

As is custom, all of the construction workers sign the final beam before it is hoisted into place.  It’s the last piece of steel erected into the project.


The Aurora will have 341 units within its brick and glass facade.  The luxury building will feature studio, one- and two-bedroom units, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness center, roof deck, swimming pool and community garden.  Leasing is scheduled to begin in January 2014 with the building’s anticipated delivery in July 2014.



Friends Around Town

Your Friends have been out in the community over the last month and we’re grateful to our partners for engaging us in these fascinating opportunities.  Dan Reed and I were both panelists during a Montgomery Housing Partnership breakfast focused on social media in community engagement.

Rob with speakers

Rob Goldman (President of MHP), Brandon Jenkins (Popularise.com/Fundrise.com), Dan Reed (FoWF and JustUpThePike.com), Lindsay Hoffman (FoWF) & Evan Glass (Moderator & MHP Board Member)

Montgomery Housing Partnership’s mission is to expand and preserve affordable housing in Montgomery County – something that will become an issue in White Flint if the county truly wants to draw a younger demographic.  MHP doesn’t just advocate, they also walk the talk by “acquiring, rehabilitating, building and managing quality affordable housing.”

Friends of White Flint was very proud to be part of Coalition for Smarter Growth’s Walking Tours and Forum Series.  “White Flint: From Drag to Desirable” was the topic that kicked off this season of walking tours – and to a sold out crowd!  Nearly sixty people joined Stewart Schwartz of CSG, Nkosi Yearwood of the Planning Department, Tommy Mann from Federal Realty and me on a beautiful morning’s trek through the past, present and future of White Flint.



Photos by Aimee Custis for Coalition for Smarter Growth


The tour was a great way to feel and see the differences between streets that solely car-focused, as opposed to those that consider all travelers.  Features like tree buffers, bike lanes, benches and trash cans equalize priorities among pedestrians, bikers and drivers.  Many of our main White Flint streets still have a long way to go in becoming truly walkable.

Friends of White Flint also hosted a Developer Showcase on April 30th in the Whole Foods Rockville café.  It was an opportunity for the community to browse new projects in White Flint’s future, and meet the people behind the ideas.   Paladar Latin Kitchen, Montgomery County Parks Department (Wall Park), LCOR (North Bethesda Center), Lerner Enterprises (White Flint Mall), and Federal Realty Investment Corp (Pike & Rose) were all available to chat, show their plans and share guacamole.  Friends of White Flint member Chevy Chase Land Company was also present with information about their plans for Chevy Chase Lake.



Over 100 visitors checked out the exciting plans for White Flint and appreciated seeing the images up close.  If you weren’t able to join us that rainy morning, let us know if you’d like us to host a similar event on an upcoming evening!

Finally, Friends of White Flint has begun a monthly presence at the Pike Central Farmers Market!  Find us among the food trucks and produce and learn more about your community while you browse!



And, wherever you see us – don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the plans for White Flint.  We’re here to have a positive and consensus-building conversation.  Join in!