Heads up on development coming before the Planning Dept. over the next couple of months

White Flint Development

Offutt Estates, a small townhouse development (5 units), along Hillery Way is returning to the Development Review Committee on January 2, 2018.

Pike and Rose Phase 1 and 2 amendments, including a new office building adjacent to Rose Park and additional changes, will be reviewed by the Planning Board in February 2018.

North Bethesda Center (LCOR) Block G will be reviewed by the Board in early 2018.

White Flint 2

The Council voted, 8-1, to approve the White Flint 2 Sector Plan last Tuesday, December 5. Next steps in the process include the approval of the new zoning (Sectional Map Amendment) and adoption of the Plan by the Planning Commission. The Committee will receive a full briefing on the WF2 Plan in 2018.

Bicycle Master Plan

The Board’s public hearing for the Bicycle Master Plan is scheduled for Thursday, January 25, 2018 at the Planning Department Headquarters (8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD).

You can review the Bicycle Master Plan Public Hearing Draft.

The community is invited to comment on the Bicycle Master Plan Public Hearing Draft.

Beginning on January 15, 2018, you can sign up sign up to testify online.

The public is also invited to submit comments about the Bicycle Master Plan via email to