Pallas and Persei Residents Hold a SRO Meeting to Learn about White Flint Development

Last night, more than eighty residents of Pallas and Persei at Pike and Rose held a community meeting to learn about all the development that’s planned for the White Flint/Pike District area.  FoWF executive director Amy Ginsburg made a short presentation then answered dozens of questions about what’s going to be built in our community.

This meeting was part of the Friends of White Flint’s Resident Ambassador program.  Resident Ambassadors serve as conduits of information between their building or neighborhood and Friends of White Flint.  Educating their community about upcoming development is an important part of the Resident Ambassador initiative.  (If you’re interested in becoming a Resident Ambassador for your community or would like a presentation in your community, please email Special thanks to Pallas/Persei Resident Ambassador Beth Robinson for organizing such a well-attended event.

Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

Amy here.  I gotta be honest.  Although I love my townhouse in Stoneybrook (right behind Grosvenor metro, for those of you who don’t know this wonderful townhome community), I would move to Pallas at Pike & Rose in a heartbeat. It’s gorgeous.

I had the chance to take a tour of Pallas Apartments last week, including the still-under-construction floors while wearing an oh-so-chic hard hat. I couldn’t decide if I loved the 6th floor garden area, the glass solarium, or the resort pool area more, but I could certainly picture myself nurturing my herbs in my private garden box, hosting a dinner party in the solarium, and lounging on a chaise refreshingly located in a few inches of cool pool water.

And the apartments! (I know, I’m gushing. Forgive me. But Pallas really is spectacular.) While the kitchens and bathrooms with their beautiful cabinetry and glass backsplashes were amazing, my favorite feature was the little wall nook by the front door for stashing your keys and phone. (Heck, I’d probably get back a full week of my life for all the times I wouldn’t have to search for my phone and keys around my house.)

There’s a full-time concierge not just to help you dry clean your favorite suit but also to set up a special tequila bar for your annual Cinco de Mayo party or score some tickets to a sold-out show. One of the coolest amenities is a stash of bikes with big baskets so you can easily cycle to the farmers market or grocery store to pick a few yummy things.

They advertise Pallas as ‘better than home’ — and they’re right.

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