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Do You Feel Safe Walking in White Flint? MCDOT is listening

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman


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At the moment, our car-centric area may not feel the most friendly to people wanting to get around in other ways.  This will improve over time as the redevelopment’s infrastructure is built out.  But, that’s a lengthy proposition.  What about folks who want to walk instead of drive now?

Although the major overhaul of a road is a multi-year, big bucks process, there are some fixes for pedestrian safety that can be made quickly by our county and state Departments of Transportation.  …

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Want to Understand White Flint? Look at New York

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman

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Here at Friends of White Flint, we talk about a lot of concepts in what seems like a bubble:  Complete Streets!  Bus and Bike Lanes!  Urbanizing our Space!  Pedestrian Friendly!  But it might be hard to envision what those things would look like here and how they would benefit residents and businesses.

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