Rally for Safe Streets – a plea for pedestrian improvements

On Saturday, dozens of pedestrians, bicyclists, concerned community members, and elected officials gathered to remember a man who died last month crossing Rockville Pike near Federal Plaza and TGIFridays restaurant.

After Action Committee for Transit read the long list of all the pedestrians who had died in the last year, Councilmember Evan Glass said, “Pike District must be liveable and walkable; that’s the bottom line.” Councilmember Andrew Friedson said, he was “upset, frustrated, and sad” and “we can’t fix this problem int ersection by intersection.” Councilmember Hans Riemer said, “the fact that we have strong advocates is a sign that things are starting to change.” Council chair Sidney Katz said “our goal is to have no deaths.”

Friends of White Flint, which co-sponsored this event, continues to work toward making the Pike District/White Flint area safer and more accessible for pedestrians. We’ve had some successes — new crosswalks, replacing missing crosswalks, automatic walk signals, longer crossing times — but that is not enough, and we will continue to advocate for more pedestrian improvements.