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How to add bike lanes and not lose car capacity

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg


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As cities across the US build bike lanes, their decisions are often seen as a move to give space to bikes at the expense of cars. But data tells us this isn’t always true: In New York City, for instance, bike lanes have actually shortened cars’ travel times on several streets, while simultaneously encouraging people to bike and making it safer due to road diests.…

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Why Not Build More Roads?

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman

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The traffic on Rockville Pike is only getting worse. ¬†Just yesterday, reported that our county’s second most congested intersection is where the Pike crosses Nicholson Lane (click here for that piece).

The White Flint Sector Plan includes a multi-pronged approach to improving our traffic, including building an actual street grid to diffuse it and beefing up transit options like Bus Rapid Transit.  

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“Road Diets” in NYC

Posted on by Rebecca Hertz

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As Mayor Bill De Blasio begins his role as Mayor of New York City, people are now examining all the changes the last mayor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, brought to the city.

Bloomberg and his staff succeeding in changing the built environment of New York City to better the safety and well-being of its residents.…

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