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Pike District in the News … Again!

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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Yesterday, the Washington Business Journal published an interesting story about the ULI Panel report on branding the Pike District. Titled “Branding Rockville Pike? Please, no giant ‘Pike District’ sign”, the article noted that Rockville Pike “is slowly urbanizing. The auto-oriented corridor you might know as White Flint or Rockville or North Bethesda will evolve over the years with new developments and the possible introduction of bus rapid transit.”

WBJ wrote, “The (ULI) panel urged Montgomery County to allow the area to brand organically, while “reclaiming” the public spaces with LED sidewalk lighting, enhanced and β€œwhimsical” crosswalks, elevated road levels at intersections, and giant, colorful intersection pylons β€” like what one might see at Symphony Park in Las Vegas, or along 14th Street in Denver.…

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ULI PowerPoint Presentation on Branding and Identifying the White Flint/Pike District Area

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg


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Here’s the presentation made by the Urban Land Instiute (ULI) yesterday about branding and identifying the White Flint/Pike District area. Β ULI Presentation

You can read our summary and first take on the ULI suggestions on our weekly e-newsletter by clicking here.

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Bethesda Magazine also wrote a nice piece on the ULI presentation.…

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