Planning Board approves 144 new housing units on Montrose!

Yesterday the Planning Board approved the plans for the Wilgus property located at Montrose Parkway and Towne Road to build 107 townhouse units, including 34 stacked two-over-two multi-family units and 15% MPDUs. They will also build stormwater management, a landscape buffer, five new roads, a .75 acre central park and a .21 western park.. They also will make a school and park contribution as a public benefit. 12.62-acres will be developed for this phase out of a total of 16.64 acres.

The Planning Board previously approved the Preliminary Plan on October 15, 2020 and the Sketch Plan
on August 1, 2019.

The December 2, 2020 Pre-Submission Community Meeting for Phase I Site Plan for NORTHPARK AT MONTROSE

Northpark at Montrose (formerly known as the Wilgus Tract project) shared its plan during an online presentation last week. We’re excited to show you their slides (most of them, at least) because it’s going to be a wonderful addition to the White Flint/Pike District area!

To refresh your memory, this is a 16 acre property between Montrose Road and Montrose Parkway catty-corner from Pike & Rose. As of right now, they are planning to build both townhouses and multi-family housing as well as a park and tree buffers.

Images of the proposed Wilgus Development

During their pre-submittal sketch plan meeting, Willco Companies shared their initial plans and information about their planned redevelopment of the Wilgus Property which is located between Montrose Road and Montrose Parkway and borders Towne Road.

Though subject to change, preliminary numbers show that this redevelopment will yield 110 townhomes, 34 two over two residential units, and 600 to 675 multi-family residential units.

The current schedule shows a public hearing in May 2019, preliminary and site plan submissions in May 2019 with a preliminary plan and site plan hearing in September 2019. Construction is slated to being in the second quarter of 2020.

You can view the entire presentation here. Don’t feel like looking through the entire presentation? Here are a few key images of Willco’s plans.

Another new development going before the Planning Board

The Wilgus property sketch plan is in the process of being filed with MNCPPC. The link just went up over the past couple of days, although the documents aren’t available yet. It will include about one million square feet of residential space and 200,00 square feet of commercial/retail.

The Wilgus property is at the northwest quadrant of Montrose Parkway and Towne Road.

Here is the link to the submission at Montgomery Planning.