Wall Park Logo GreenWhat we want:

The community wants to create a Great Lawn and 8-acre Park in Wall Park with room for sports, heart-healthy walks, quiet contemplation, a children’s playground, public events, and maybe even a dog park.


How this can work:

If the County fully funds a convenient, safe Wall Park Parking Garage in the Capital Improvements Program (CIP), we can have a park paradise in just two years. The garage will provide user-friendly parking and brightly-lit walking paths for the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center and the future recreation center.


Why this should be built now:

  • The County can realize significant savings and construction efficiencies if the Wall Park garage is built at the same time as Gables builds their apartment garage.

  • There is currently very little park space for residents to enjoy in the Pike District, and the thousands of people in the White Flint area deserve a full-fledged park. Green space is an important promised feature of the 2010 White Flint Sector Plan.

  • The White Flint Sector Plan is transforming this area, and green space is one of the most attractive amenities to both residents and businesses. Wall Park’s Great Lawn, which is part of the approved White Flint Sector Plan, is essential to attracting the people, retailers, and offices needed to create a thriving, successful White Flint community.

How to advocate for Wall Park:

  • Attend a Council Capital Improvements Program (CIP) hearing on February 9th, 7 pm, Third Floor Hearing Room, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850. (We’ll have Wall Park T-shirts for folks to wear.)

  • Email council members at the addresses below. Your email should be short and to the point and be sent to each of the council members at the addresses below.


The key points to include in your email are: 1) Constructing the Wall Park Garage now is cost-effective and the best use of County land and funds. 2) Wall Park is a vital community amenity that is important to you and essential to creating a thriving Pike District/White Flint area.  

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