New Planning Board Interactive Web Interface

New Planning Board Interactive Web Interface

The Montgomery Planning Board has launched Design Montgomery, an interactive web portal for public outreach and comments on specific design proposals.

The public can view and comment on various proposals, including using the common “star-rating” click system. Some of the proposals are animated: the Silver Spring library project includes a slide which animates different views when the traffic lights are red or green, and pedestrians using an overhead street-crossing bridge. Another proposal offers a comprehensive “fly-around” tour of the building, and another of the building fit into its surroundings.

All of the proposals illustrated thus far are in Silver Spring. No word on when the project will expand. The White Flint Planning page,, already has an animated “fly-through” view of the proposed new White Flint, including views of a renovated Rockville Pike, and the new “civic green” near the Conference Center.

Barnaby Zall


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