Property Owners’/Developers’ Presentations to the Planning Board (continued)

Property Owners’/Developers’ Presentations to the Planning Board (continued)

Live blogging from the March 19 meeting of the Montgomery County Planning Board. Live streaming video is available from the Planning Board’s site: Today’s topic includes more presentations by property owners on their plans for the new White Flint.

Bob Eisinger: Nicholson Lane Sector is among the oldest, has no storm water runoff control structures, and needs to be redeveloped. Needs bonus density and new MARC station in order to get redevelopment and move away from costs imposed by earlier generations. Perry Berman: key to revising this neighborhood is Nicholson Lane. Needs to become a pedestrian-friendly, walkable street that retail can face onto. Don’t see the commitments to make that happen.

Cmsnr Alfandre: I scanned back to 1960s in WF area. What have seen last worksession and this one are great ideas. But not seeing putting these fine projects into districts. Piera Weiss, head planner for WF: area has most potential for neighborhoods. perry Berman: we can put in several neighborhoods into this one, big piece of development. Our intention is to have an integrated plan that has all these properties. Alfandre: this is one chance we have for a master plan to put al this together. We can’t do everything. WF is still fragmented. Will end up with formulated real estate conditions. We don’t have to end up with that. Great Tyson’s Corner, best single-project developments there. Don’t want that there. I wanted to see something more integrated. I’d like to complete the loop with people at the beginning. We’ll hear: “we thought we’d get this and that.” Chairman is taking big, bold steps to incentivize this Master Plan. One of those ways has to be a trade-off with development community to achieve a sense of place. We haven’t even got one yet. Not getting to the finer grain that will make WF not only a great new city downtown, but achieve all the things we’re trying to achieve. Putting the ox before the cart, and not considering the little things yet. Still have a chance to do that. Last time, series of developments; none of them put together correctly. To back into those things, . . . I don’t think we need to do that. I’m looking for the kinds of things that two years ago the people came in and said they wanted.

Robinson: danger of this type of process is that we keep getting requests for 4.0, and down the line, the votes may not be there in the end, and we may not have the chance to come back and fix it.

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