More Community Presentations

More Community Presentations

Two additional presentations by community associations. Ed Rich, from Old Farm Community Association, and Ken Hurdle (Secretary of the Board for Friends of White Flint) from Luxmanor Civic Association. Rich: street network. Supports elliptical method because it better defines walking patterns. But heights must be stepped down toward neighborhoods. Important with large tracts of land where developers try to average across their property rather than observing the step-down requirements. Infrastructure must be developed before density put in. Density must balance amenities. Use a mode split model. Development community must work together in a coordinated fashion. Need urban rather than suburban model.

Ken Hurdle: are we being told the truth? I’ve been reading. I’m looking for failures. Where has it not worked? I don’t find any. I find that if a plan isn’t adopted and implemented properly, pieces fail; the plan doesn’t fail. Robinson: Tyson’s plan had nice vision, but didn’t do anything on implementation, so there’s skepticism about whether it will work.

Alfandre: expand the plan to the transformation of the subject community. Looked through the 2006 plans and we have generally captured the vision. I don’t think we’re far off from where we started brainstorming to where our staff got us now. A few more things to do. Look at them all together.

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