Randolph Hills Civic Association Presentation

Randolph Hills Civic Association Presentation

The largest community association in the White Flint area is Randolph Hills Civic Association. Just east of the White Flint Sector, across the railroad tracks, Randolph Hills has more than 5,000 residents, several times greater than many of the organizations participating in the White Flint Sector Plan process. Yet Randolph Hills is often overlooked in planning processes, since it is lower-income and demographically more diverse than other nearby neighborhoods.

As Randolph Civic Association President Dan Hoffman testified to the Montgomery Planning Board, Randolph Hills is where White Flint has its “workforce housing.” “Policemen, government workers, the people who work second jobs in retail,” Hoffman told the Board. Hoffman also pointed out that Randolph Hills has many homes in foreclosure.

The Planning staff has now put Hoffman’s April 13 PowerPoint presentation on its website:


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