Runners Peek at the new White Flint

Runners Peek at the new White Flint

This morning, about 3,000 runners took part in the annual Pike’s Peek 10-K road race from the Shady Grove Metro to White Flint Mall. The speed of some of these guys was amazing.

At the finish line, the runners were greeted by the Friends of White Flint and White Flint Partnership. Water bottles with the message “Want to know what’s coming down the Pike? A new community in White Flint” and both organizations’ web site URLs, were given to all participants (but quickly ran out in the summer-like heat).

The FoWF – Partnership booth was fully-staffed by ten volunteers in “Want to Know What’s Happening In White Flint?” T-shirts. Flyers on the new Pike design, New Urbanism, and walkable communities were distributed to the thousands of people who dropped by, along with membership flyers on Friends of White Flint. Large posters showed diagrams of the new Pike, Mid-Pike Plaza, and North Bethesda Marketplace. But the hit of the booth was Evan Goldman’s two young kids, in matching Friends of White Flint t-shirts. Two football players from Good Counsel High School, Andrew and Jeremy, helped as well.

The most common question? “What are you doing about the Pike?” The answer: “Here’s a flyer about that, and a picture of what it will look like, and over here is a picture of a special bike-friendly intersection design, and look how we can move the same amount of traffic and still put rapid transit in the median and have pedestrian-friendly sidewalks. . . .”

Many thanks to our volunteers and to the many people who came by to talk about the new White Flint.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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What a fantastic event. You could feel the sense of energy and excitement about the potential of a new community here in the heart of Montgomery County. The dozens of residents I spoke with were hopefull for a transformation of the Pike as well and I look forward to them all joining the Friends of White Flint. Welcome aboard, there is much work to be done!

I want to give special thanks to all of the volunteers today and especially Barnaby, who designed and printed the T-shirts and all of the flyers. The shirts were a big hit!

Also to Alison who prepared all of the boards and graphics and was at the Mall at 6:30am this morning setting up before she ran 6 miles in the hot sun!

Nice work everyone. Maybe next year I will actually run it myself !


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