Design Guidelines Debut

Design Guidelines Debut

One of the innovations of the White Flint Sector Plan process was the use of “design guidelines” to supplement traditional master plan development. The Planning Board describes the Design Guidelines as: “White Flint Design Guidelines make specific recommendations for streets, open spaces and buildings within the White Flint Sector Plan. The draft guidelines promote an attractive and successful public realm defined by streets, open spaces, and attractive buildings.” Now the Planning Board is using design guidelines in a variety of projects.

The White Flint Guidelines have been promised for years, and now they have finally appeared, in an attractive, photograph-illustrated version, available here:

The White Flint Steering Committee is scheduled to discuss the Guidelines on Tuesday, May 5, at 7PM in the Silver Spring auditorium, 8787 Georgia Avenue.

Barnaby Zall


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The design guidelines do look well done and I look forward to going through them in detail this week. Do you know if they plan to have the other blocks detailed in time for the worksession. One immediate problem I see is that the design guidelines still call for Executive Blvd to be directed through the existing Mid-Pike Plaza which means those roads will have an offset intersection. In addition, they are still showing the road along White Flint Park as a higher car carrying capacity road. It is possible staff just has not coordinated these changes yet, but we hope to see them modified prior to adoption of the design guidelines.

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