Is age the biggest determining factor in accepting change?

Is age the biggest determining factor in accepting change?

I had a real interesting conversation with a 22 year old today who has been following the White Flint Sector Plan very closely and this came out of our conversation.  When I asked her opinion of why people are either in favor of or against the proposed changes in White Flint, and very few are indifferent, here was her response.

“The majority of people in favor are young and the majority of those opposed are old!”

Now this is coming from a 22 year old so the view is somewhat slanted but in following up on that answer I asked; what’s the negativity about?

Her response was simple, “change”.

I had to probe further.  How do we communicate that these changes can be very good for the community, the environment and the economics of the area?

“That’s your job” she said in response.

So here’s our job fellow “Friends of White Flinters.”  We need to better communicate, better educate, probe deeper when we get negativity, as it might be from their past experience and ask the question what if?  You can fill in the blank.

There is a silent majority that is not writing to the Planning Board or the County Council, not calling them or showing up for meetings, presentations, briefings, etc.  and they say they are very much in favor of the proposed changes in White Flint.

Get them on this FLOG!!!

Here is another observation; most people say no to something when they have zero desire for what you are offering, they have too many questions and not enough time to ask them, there is an economic reality that they can’t afford it, or it does not satisfy any need they currently have.  There is also the combination of those things.

With all the diversity, opportunity, and selections being offered in the “New” White Flint I can’t believe there are many people just saying no.

Those are some of my observations!!!




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