Down to the Wire: Final Planning Board Schedule

Down to the Wire: Final Planning Board Schedule

The Montgomery County Planning Board has been working on the White Flint Sector Plan for almost three years, and the end of the process is finally in sight. The latest Staff memorandum contains an advance schedule, as usual, but this schedule contains only three items, and the last one is the final Planning Board approval of the Plan and transmission to the County Council. All sessions are scheduled for the auditorium, 8787 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, and all sessions are expected to begin at approximately 9AM.

The upcoming schedule is proposed as:

May 21: Worksession #11, Design Guidelines, Density and Building Heights by District

June 4: Worksession #12, Zoning, the new CR Zone and Proposed Zoning Map, staging of implementation, Implementation including discussion of Rockville Pike, and Reconstruction (I believe this does not refer to the period after the American Civil War, but to some more recent plan).

June 18: Worksession #13, Review Final Draft

July 9: Worksession #14: Request to transmit Sector Plan to Council.

Some of these items involve many complicated decisions. This is an ambitious schedule, but it tracks what Board Chairman Royce Hanson discussed during the May 7 worksession.  

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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