Everybody remember where we parked!

Everybody remember where we parked!

Live blogging from June 4, 2009 worksession of Montgomery County Planning Board. Live streaming video is available at www.montgomeryplanningboard.org.

Dan Hardy, head of transportation planning, is going over parking management issues. Jacob Sesker, financing and implementation expert, joins him. On May 7, the Board made decisions summarized on P. 31 of the handout (May 28 memo). Recommended language on P. 31, creating an Urban Service District to coordinate with Bethesda-Chevy-Chase Regional Service Center. Hanson: it seems awfully vague. Are we getting offices in White Flint? Sesker: Master Plan doesn’t specify that level of detail.

Financing: worked with Executive’s Office. They want a toolbox and we should be explicit about what tools to use. So language recommended on P. 32.

Hanson: we need to say what we mean and say what we think needs to be created. If we need a Tax Increment Financing District, we should say so. Otherwise, Council will say something good should be done, people will twiddle their thumbs, and nothing will be done. We won’t get the financing necessary to get this done. I’m happy to be more specific. Until someone comes in with a better idea, we should have our idea out there. Otherwise it isn’t going to happen. We could easily model legislation on other jurisdictions in Maryland. Lay out a marker and if there’s a better idea, then hurrah. I’m for any better idea. Let’s go with a TIF. Sesker: I believe we have the authority to do that.

Cmsnr Presley: parking district? Hanson: if the county is going to handle parking, it needs to either buy the garage or contract it. Are we going to send up with the Plan, legislation to create an authority? Hardy: earlier we were so specific in the Plan that nobody liked it. Hanson: either we assign that responsibility to someone or we forget it. Hardy: top of P. 28, are the pre-requisites. Hanson: add the TIF in there. That will focus the options so they can tell us what they really want.

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