Planning Board Worksession – June 4, 2009

Planning Board Worksession – June 4, 2009

The Montgomery County Planning Board does much of its work on the White Flint Sector Plan in worksessions organized around topics. Today’s worksession is likely to cover four important topics:

the Design Guidelines which add details to the broad outlines painted by the Master Plan itself;

the new CR (Commercial/Residential) Zone expected to be created for White Flint and other areas in order to provide flexibility between various types of development, while limiting overall density and heights;

implementation and staging of the various White Flint improvements and projects, particularly infrastructure (transportation, including the conversion of Rockville Pike into a boulevard); and

financing, involving how to pay for the various improvements.

This will likely be the final preliminary worksession before the Board receives the staff’s recommendation for a final draft Plan. That presentation is scheduled¬†for June 18. The Board hopes to complete its work on the White Flint Plan by July 9. ¬†

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