A residential building moratorium in White Flint?

A residential building moratorium in White Flint?

Several newspapers are reporting that the most recent schools report has found that several schools in Montgomery County face overcrowding conditions in 2014. County law requires a moratorium on residential construction in areas served by severely over-crowded schools. The Planning Board has imposed such a moratorium in some areas in the County.

Although schools in the White Flint area are not affected by the immediate moratorium, other schools are on a watch list for overcrowding in 2014, including Walter Johnson High School, which serves much of the White Flint area. Since the overcrowding in these schools is predicted to be much lower than the immediately-affected schools, development will not cease in these areas, but developers will have to pay a fee to develop residential properties.

In a recent discussion with the Planning Board, MCPS officials did not predict such a moratorium in White Flint, but since the law is mandatory, these school tests may have some effect on White Flint plans.

Here is the Post article:


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