White Flint Steering Committee Supports Plan, Answers Critics

White Flint Steering Committee Supports Plan, Answers Critics

Thousands of Montgomery County residents have learned about, and participated in, the White Flint planning effort. Last year, after the final report from the Planning Board’s White Flint Advisory Group, the Planning Board established a new, smaller White Flint Steering Committee to participate in the worksessions on the Plan. (You can see lots of posts about the Steering Committee and the worksessions in earlier posts on the FLOG; you can use the “search” box on the right to locate these posts.)

Almost all members of the White Flint Steering Committee have now signed a letter to the County Executive and Council supporting the White Flint Sector Plan. The letter says:

     We, members of Steering Committee, have worked over the past three years to ensure that the White Flint Sector Plan adheres to the vision communicated by the broad coalition of stakeholders who were engaged in the White Flint planning process. We have recently seen some misleading, and in many cases inaccurate, information communicated about the White Flint plan by some residents dissatisfied with the direction the Planning Board has taken.

We would like to assure the leadership of Montgomery County that these viewpoints in opposition to the White Flint Plan do not represent the positions of the White Flint Advisory Group, the Steering Committee, or the majority of residents in and around White Flint.

The letter includes an attachment addressing many of the claims made against the Plan. The Steering Committee supports, for example, the request that the renovation of Rockville Pike should be accellerated, rather than delayed. Most of the responses, however, debunk the claims. For example:

Claim: No plan to pay for infrastructure improvements
Response:The White Flint Sector Plan goes further than past master plans in laying out not just a specific infrastructure phasing and staging plan, but a methodology for financing those improvements. While the Planning Board does not have the legislative prerogative to make investment decisions on behalf of the County, the Sector Plan recommends that the County Council and County Executive finance the improvements using a combination of private and public financing. . . .

A copy of the letter can be found here:

Steering Cmte Letter to County Executive

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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