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How Should the White Flint Sector Plan be Improved?

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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How would YOU improve the White Flint Sector Plan? There’s a general consensus on the elements of the Plan: walkable, sustainable, transit-oriented. (Not coincidentally, those are the goals of Friends of White Flint as well.) You can get a copy of the Plan at:

But there are those, including both supporters and opponents, who say the Plan can be improved. In Friends of White Flint’s official testimony to the County Council last week, I promised¬†recommendations for improvements, to be delivered at the Council’s public hearing on the Plan on October 20.

We would like to hear from you before crafting FoWF’s recommendations to the Council.

So, what, EXACTLY, would you do to improve the Plan? Please be as specific as possible.

You can comment here (by clicking the “comments” button below) or send your comments to one of the three FoWF Co-Chairs, Barnaby Zall (, Suzanne Hudson ( and Evan Goldman (, or any FoWF Director (e-mail addresses available on the Friends page at

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