Latest Draft of FoWF Report to Council

Latest Draft of FoWF Report to Council

Friends of White Flint intends to deliver a report to the Montgomery County Council next Tuesday, explaining and supporting the White Flint Sector Plan, and proposing a dozen improvements in the Plan. Some of the improvements include accelerating the new “core” features such as the new Civic Green park, accelerating the redevelopment of Rockville Pike, providing a new intergenerational community center as part of the renovation of Wall Park, and emphasizing¬†arts and entertainment.

One of the most contentious parts of the debate over the White Flint Plan is schools and school construction. The Report reviews several of the major official actions in that debate, but ultimately adopts the recommendation of a dozen surrounding neighborhoods on improvements in schools and school construction.

There are three underlying themes in the proposed Report:

1) one of the biggest factors in coming years will be new legal restrictions on carbon emissions, and “smart growth” planning is the best way to address those looming requirements. As a result,¬†the time for automobile-centered development has ended, and we must change our thinking to a walkable, sustainable community plan;

2) the White Flint Plan is the result of the hard work of hundreds of County residents over three years, using some of the finest transportation and planning consultants; and

3) many of those involved in the White Flint planning process are concerned about the County’s commitment to actually carrying out the proposed Plan, and the County must take steps to reassure everyone that it will honor its commitments.

The proposed report can be found here: Draft FoWF Report on WF Sector Plan

Comments on the proposed FoWF Report are welcome, but must be received in writing (either as a comment here, or by e-mail to by 5PM tomorrow, Thursday, October 15.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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