Gazette Article on Council Deliberations

Gazette Article on Council Deliberations

Jen Beasley, who covers the White Flint Sector Plan for the Gazette newspaper has written a story on last night’s Montgomery County Council public hearings and some other prior discussions of the Plan.

At stake is the future of the area surrounding the White Flint Metro, where county planners have recommended transforming mini-malls and asphalt parking lots into a more vibrant community of mixed use residential, commercial and retail space. The plan before the County Council proposes converting Rockville Pike into a pedestrian boulevard and making the whole of White Flint more like Arlington, Va.

“We are very excited about the White Flint plan,” Paul Meyer, Board President of the Wisconsin Home Owners Association, said Thursday at a public forum with County Councilman Roger Berliner (D-Dist. 1) of Potomac, held at the Mansion at Strathmore. The condominium board endorsed the plan and Meyer said at a recent presentation to residents, “there was an amazing amount of enthusiasm.”

Meyer said the residents of the Wisconsin have only one caveat: that the transformation of Rockville Pike be done early in the plan. The current draft calls for a street grid to be built first to alleviate traffic pressure while the Pike is redone, but several groups have called for the Pike to be redone first to prepare for the coming development so as Meyer put it, “we don’t have four million cars on one road.”

The Friends of White Flint, a nonprofit coalition of residents, businesses and developers in the sector that supports the plan generally, also endorsed acceleration of the Pike redesign as one of a dozen recommendations for improving the sector plan in a report delivered on Tuesday to the council.

Beasley notes that the two principal concerns about the Plan are traffic and schools. She quotes Councilmember Roger Berliner, whose district includes White Flint as saying about traffic: “We only have one choice here, we have to get people out of their cars.”

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