White Flint is now….Award Winning!

White Flint is now….Award Winning!

The Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association announced their 2009 winners, and White Flint was named the Outstanding large-scale Plan for 2009!

Planners,Below is a list of the award winners and honorable mentions for the 2009 Maryland Chapter Awards.

However, before you see the winners, a few remarks….

My original plan was to call all of the award winners and honorable mentions personally prior to sending this email and congratulate them for their efforts.  However, I also felt I should call those who fell short and let them know as well.  However, having submitted a nomination that did not win, I personally would have wanted to know why my contribution fell short.  Unfortunately, since I was not involved in all of the subcommittees, I could not personally answer that question for all of the projects.  However, if your nomination is not listed below and you are interested in getting a debriefing, please let me know.  I plan on asking for feedback from the subcommittee in the near future on the project submitted from my firm.  As a consultant, it is to my benefit to know how I can better serve my future clients and I think this is a rare instance (especially for planners working in small towns and cities) where we can get some feedback from other professional planners on our projects.

First off, not to sound cliché, but everyone who submitted a nomination is a winner.  We had some great plans to review and some tough decisions to make.  Speaking for everyone, it is great to know such great planning work is being performed in Maryland.  It is also important to mention that several committee members knew of plans that would have competed closely with some of the winners, but no one nominated them for an award.  It may be a matter of getting the word out better, being more aggressive in seeking nominations from quality projects, or something we haven’t thought of. 

Regardless, we need ideas for refining this event.  If you have any ideas on how we can improve the awards process in the future, please send me an email while this is all fresh in our heads.  The Awards Committee will be getting together soon to provide each other feedback in order to continue to improve on this event.  Any information you can provide us for discussion will be much appreciated.

Next, a big thanks goes out to the Awards Committee for all of their hard work in reviewing and discussing all of these plans.  A lot of reading, analysis and dedication was involved and also a lot of reward.  Personally speaking, each plan I read has provided me with more tools for my planner toolbox I hope to use in my career.  As a “student” of the field, each project was beneficial to me as a person who enjoys looking to see what is going on out there and as a career professional.  Please keep this in mind in the future if you consider volunteering to review nominations – the time spent reading the plans, exchanging emails and trying to come up with a ranking system is well worth it.

Lastly, we hope to see all of you in Annapolis on November 4th.  We are planning to have a couple of great speakers join us at the event, as well as some good food and beer to help us celebrate all of the great contributions we make in Maryland.  If you have not RSVP’d for the event, please do so by sending me an email. 

And without further ado…..

American Planning Association – Maryland Chapter2009 Award Recipients
Award Categories                                   Award                                     Award Winner
Outstanding Plan >100,000                    Winner                                    White Flint Sector Plan – Montgomery County
Outstanding Plan <100,000                    Co-Winner                               Solomons Island Master Plan – Calvert County
                                                                Co-Winner                               Garrett County Master Plan
Small Town/Rural Initiative <10,000     Winner                                    Town of Centerville Community Plan
                                                           Honorable Mention                Town of Boonsboro
2009 Comprehensive PlanOutstanding Project or Program            Winner         Zoning Discovery – Montgomery County (M-NCPPC)                                                                Honorable Mention           2009 Smart, Green and Growing Legislation – Maryland Department of Planning                                                                Honorable Mention                Office of Planning & Design Team – Baltimore County (Turner Station)

Outstanding Planner                               Winner                                   Timothy Bourcier, AICP, JD
Public Education and Outreach              Winner                                    Web-Based Development Tracking Tool – Howard County Lifetime Achievement                                           Winner                                    Edward R. “Ned” Cueman – Queen Anne’s County Political Leadership                                                Winner                                    James T. Smith, Baltimore County Executive Outstanding Student Project or Paper   Winner                                    Connect Barracks Row: A Future Vision for a Washington, DC Community
Outstanding Service to Chapter             Winner                                    Jenny Plummer-Welker, AICPNew Planner                                           Winner                                    Sean O’Neill – City of Annapolis

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