Sigh. Even Good News Neglects White Flint

Sigh. Even Good News Neglects White Flint

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency is consistently ranked as one of the best federal agencies to work for, and one of the reasons is that it is involved in its community. The NRC is an active member of Friends of White Flint, and Mike Springer of the NRC is on the FoWF Board of Directors. The NRC hosted the September White Flint Town Hall for FoWF, at which Planning Board Chair Royce Hanson presented the White Flint Sector Plan to the community for discussion.

On Friday, Oct. 23, Gregory Jaczko, the Chairman of the NRC, announced a new third building, to consolidate its nearly 3,000 employees near the White Flint Metro and its existing White Flint offices. The new building will be 14 stories tall, right across the street from the existing NRC campus, between the Metro station and Metro Parking garage, as part of the North Bethesda Center being built by LCOR (another member of Friends of White Flint). Construction of the $131 million building is expected to begin in March and be completed in two years. Here’s an artists’ rendering. (Photo courtesy LCOR):

New NRC Building

So, today the Washington Post writes a brief story about the new building: “NRC to Build BETHESDA Office Building.” (emphasis added.) You can read the Post story here:

Sigh. I guess there’s still no “there” in White Flint yet.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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This is a great triumph for White Flint and assures our community that we will have a great anchor government tenant for years to come.

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