Coalition for Smarter Growth Promotes White Flint Plan

Coalition for Smarter Growth Promotes White Flint Plan

The Coalition for Smarter Growth,,┬áis a group of local, regional and national environmental and civic organizations such as the Piedmont Environmental Council, Audubon Naturalist Society, Sierra Club, Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Surface Transportation Policy Project, who have been very active in the development of the White Flint Sector Plan. CSG started ten years ago to oppose plans by the Disney Company to create a new theme park in the Shenandoah/Piedmont area of Virginia, and since then has branched out to incorporate “smart growth” topics throughout the metropolitan area.

CSG has just issued a newsletter with a description of the White Flint Sector Plan. The page says:

Never before has it been more important that Montgomery County grow in sustainable, innovative ways while creating great, desirable neighborhoods. With increasing traffic, limited money for new infrastructure, and the urgency of climate change, Montgomery County can’t remain sustainable and economically competitive if we continue to grow in the same auto-dependent, spread out way.


Walkable, Vibrant, Efficient, Convenient, Sustainable

Instead of adding new jobs in hard-to-reach locations, such as the Life Sciences Center in Gaithersburg, how about locating them right at existing transit stations?


The White Flint Metro Station is a convenient location for jobs and homes, and neighborhoods designed to be walkable can reuse acres of parking lots while improving conditions along Rockville Pike. In addition, focusing growth at White Flint will create sustainable, environmentally-friendly communities that reduce driving, energy use, and climate changing emissions.

You can read the newsletter page here:

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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