White Flint, District 1, Councilman Berliner, Council President

White Flint, District 1, Councilman Berliner, Council President

As we head for the finish line with the White Flint Sector Plan, will we loose the advantage of having  District 1 Councilman and current Council Vice President  Roger Berliner if he is not appointed the President to the Council?  Yes.  White Flint, likely the most valuable piece of real estate for the County coffers and the first true transformation of ugly strip shopping centers and their seas of asphalt parking, needs Berliner in the drivers seat so to speak.  The tradition of succession from Vice President to President of the Council has a long history and should be maintained, and with the high stakes of so many master plans in play it is an imperative.

I’ve heard scuttlebutt about the possibility of this transition not takeing place and find it disturbing.  I’ve been very involved in the entire White Flint Sector Plan process and know Concilman Berliner understands what is in play for all stakeholders in White Flint and District 1.  My Luxmanor community has benefited from Councilman Berliner’s leadership and knowledge of the issues that impact areas adjacent to urban centers and is in a unique position to lead the White Flint Sector to a successful outcome as Council President.

Let’s let the County Council know this is not the time to let tradition slip away.  District1 make some noise.

Ken Hurdle



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