Friends of White Flint Board Elections in April

Friends of White Flint Board Elections in April

The Friends of White Flint Board of Directors has scheduled elections for open seats for late April. All Directors are volunteers, there is no compensation for serving, and FoWF has averaged about two Board meetings a month, although that number goes much higher during some busy periods.

Only FoWF members (or, for organization members, their designated representatives) in good standing may be nominated or elected, and preference is given to those who have been active within FoWF activities. If you are unsure about whether you are an eligible member (or have other questions about the elections or FoWF activities), please contact me at or your class’s Co-Chair (Suzanne Hudson for Residents,; me for Business; or Evan Goldman for Property Owners/Developers,  

The FoWF Board has nine seats, divided evenly between residents/community organizations, businesses, and property owners/developers. (Associate members are not eligible for election or voting.) Terms of office are for three years, and the terms are staggered so that three seats, one in each class of members, are up for election each year. Thus, this year the seats up for re-election are:

Residents/Community Organizations:  John Fry, from the Fallstone community

Businesses: Mike Springer, from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Property Owner/Developer: Mike Smith, from LCOR.

These Directors may run for re-election. Only members of the relevant membership class can nominate for, be nominated to, vote for or be elected to the seat from that class. For example, only residents can vote for the Residents/Community Organizations seat on the FoWF Board. Each member (including member organizations) has one vote within the appropriate class. Each class is responsible for conducting the nominations and election process for its class. Legally, the ultimate selection process is governed by the FoWF Board of Directors, which has final authority over any disputes and elections.

All current Friends (including Associate members) should have received a special election announcement; if you believe you are a member and didn’t receive this e-mail, please contact me. If you are not currently a FoWF member, and wish to participate, please join as soon as possible. You can find an application online, with more details about classes and required membership dues, on our main website:

Friends of White Flint has scheduled a Board meeting for Thursday, January 14, 2010, to discuss election procedures and policies. The meeting, like all FoWF meetings, is open and will be held at 4:30PM in the offices of Federal Realty Investment Trust, 1626 E. Jefferson, Rockville.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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