FoWF Letter to Council on Remaining Issues in the White Flint Plan

FoWF Letter to Council on Remaining Issues in the White Flint Plan

Today the Board of Directors of Friends of White Flint sent a letter to the County Council listing six remaining issues for consideration during the Council’s upcoming hearings on the White Flint Sector Plan. The letter was approved at the FoWF Board of Directors meeting on February 26, and offered for public comment under FoWF’s regular policy adoption process. Thanks to all who commented on the letter.

The letter began by thanking the Council and its Committees for adopting many of the recommendations offered in FoWF’s October 2009 Report to the Council on the Plan:

We are pleased that the Planning, Housing and Economic Development Committee has recommended adoption of a number of those recommendations, including: accelerating staging improvements, particularly in the “core” of the Sector; increasing the size of the Civic Green park; bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly engineering for all projects; and grandfathering rights for those already in the development process. In addition, the PHED and Management and Fiscal Policy Committees are working diligently on two of our other recommendations: creating a dedicated and reliable funding mechanism, including an analysis of a parking district. Finally, on February 23rd, the Council accepted the Nicholson Court MARC commuter rail station location.

The letter then listed several remaining recommendations from the October 2009 Report:

A. Declare Rockville Pike a Transit/Transportation Priority:

            The Council should declare Rockville Pike a transit/transportation priority.

B. Clarification of Support for Inter-generational Center:

            The Council should add language proposing an “inter-generational center” to the community amenities in the Plan.

C. Begin Community Compatibility Efforts Immediately:

            The Council should include community compatibility efforts throughout the staging of the Plan, beginning in Phase One.

D. Maple Avenue District Road Extension:

            The Council should reserve a new road extension in the Maple Avenue District to break up the last remaining super-block in the Sector.

E. New Schools:

            The Council should commit to addressing the school over-crowding issue in the Randolph Hills community, at least during the next phase of planning, known as White Flint II, by considering the former Rocking Horse Elementary site for a new elementary school.   

F. The Use of Automobile-Oriented Tests in White Flint:

            The Council should not use automobile-oriented tests, such as LATR or PAMR (however they are described), to block or impede White Flint staging or implementation.

            And most important: The Council should adopt the White Flint Sector Plan.

The letter, with descriptions and explanations of these remaining points, can be found here:

FoWF Letter to Council

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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