Meyer, Lewers Vie for Open Residents’ Seat on FoWF Board of Directors

Meyer, Lewers Vie for Open Residents’ Seat on FoWF Board of Directors

Two residents of the White Flint Sector are the nominees for an open seat on the Friends of White Flint Board of Directors. The FoWF Board is made up of nine representatives, equally divided between residents, businesses and property owners, and one seat for each class of members is up for election each year.

Ballots will be sent to Resident Members of FoWF today, and must be returned by Monday, April 19. If you are a Resident and Community Association member of FoWF, please check your e-mail and return your ballot today. If you did not receive a ballot today, there is a problem with our records of your e-mail address; please contact me at

The two nominees for the open Resident seat are Paul Meyer, representative of the Wisconsin Condominium, and Todd Lewers, representative of the Forum Condominium. Meyer and Lewers were asked to provide statements of qualification and interest in the seat. Here are their statements, as and in the order received:



Paul Meyer

My name is Paul Meyer and I have been a resident of Montgomery County since 1967. For the past 15 years I have resided at the Wisconsin Condominium, which is in the heart of White Flint, located one block from the White Flint Metro station. Having served on the Wisconsin Board for 10 of the past 12 years and President of the Board from 2006 until 2009, I was asked by the Board to represent the Wisconsin to the Friends of White Flint (FoWF) Organization.

Although I have a graduate degree in structural engineering from the University of Maryland, most of my 38 years of federal government service dealt with disability employment policy. I have a strong management background having served as the Deputy Chief Staff Officer at a Navy R&D Laboratory and later as the Deputy Executive Director of a small independent federal agency dealing with disability policy. Although I am retired, I am still very active in the disability community and currently serve as a Commissioner on the Montgomery County Disability Commission.

Since joining the FoWF I have been very active in supporting the goals of the organization. Although not a Board member, I have attended almost all of the Board meetings and made presentations supporting smart growth and the White Flint Sector Plan before the Montgomery County Council. I have also met with the County Executive and a number of County Council Members in support of the White Flint Sector Plan as a member of the FoWF Organization. In addition, I have attended a number of presentations made by the White Flint Partnership and served as part of the presentation team at several of the meetings attended by local residents.

I am very interested in helping to ensure that the County Council passes the White Flint Sector Plan and that implementation of the Plan begins as soon as possible. I believe that I have the time, demonstrated interest, educational background and work background to contribute to the management of the FoWF Organization.  



Todd Lewers

I joined FoWF and other civic area organizations to learn and become active in helping to make the White Flint area “cutting edge” in terms of livability, sustainability, and to maintain focus on our overall “sense of place.”


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Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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