Candidate Responses to Questions

Candidate Responses to Questions

‘Tis the season, just before the Maryland primary, and candidate questionaires are in full bloom. Two in particular caught my eye — from Action Committee on Transit and Citizens League of Montgomery County, just released today:

Citizens League:

Note that most candidates discuss White Flint, usually as an example of how development should be sustainable and transit-oriented.


Ben Ross, indefatigable analyst of such things for ACT, points out that

From FOWF’s point of view, I’m sure the most significant finding of our questionnaire was the strong support for cutting the relationship between automobile movement and development around Metro stations.  There will be a strong bloc on the council, probably 4 or 5 votes, who are now committed flat-out to completely severing the relationship.  Together with candidates who took a somewhat cautious position in their questionnaire answers but were strong advocates on White Flint (Leventhal, Navarro, Hanson), there will be a clear majority for fundamental change.  This issue is featured on the ACT scorecard, column 4 under the heading “people before cars”.

(By the way, Ben Ross’s most recent book is now available; nothing to do with White Flint or transit, but it is interesting: a book that tells the history of the chemical industry and the environment. It’s called The Polluters: The Making of Our Chemically Altered Environment and is published by Oxford University Press. The first review (Booklist) says The Polluters is “startling, intense, and brilliantly elucidated… sharply relevant to the present-day disasters of the BP oil spill and the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion… an unlikely page-turner.” The first line, for example, is in keeping with this post: “Denora, Pennsylvania, buried its dead on Election Day.”)

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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