Upcoming Dist. 1 Candidates Debate

Upcoming Dist. 1 Candidates Debate

Maryland primary elections will be held on Sept. 14. If you haven’t received a sample ballot by now, you probably should verify that you’re registered to vote.

Various organizations are holding a series of debates around Montgomery County on a variety of topics. Next Thursday, Sept. 2, the Randolph Civic Association (www.randolphcivic.org) will host the third of three debates between major Democratic candidates for the District One Council seat. District One includes White Flint, and given Montgomery County’s overwhelming Democratic registration, this is probably the important election. Republican candidate Robert Vricella has no primary opposition.

Incumbent Roger Berliner will meet his principal opponent Ilaya Hopkins at 7:30PM at the Viers Mill Park recreation building, 4425 Garrett Park Road, Silver Spring, 20906. Berliner has been endorsed by the Washington Post; Hopkins by the Gazette.


Note that, despite the address, this park is actually in the Randolph Hills area of White Flint. This is a beautiful hidden area of Rock Creek Park, and this is a chance to sample the park if you haven’t already explored it.

Panelists will ask questions submitted from the audience. Since the moderator is Dan Hoffman, of the Citizens League and Randolph Civic Association, and a couple of the panelists are White Flint activists (Chad Salganik of Randolph Hills and me), you can bet that at least some questions will be on White Flint. I intend to ask about White Flint financing plans and about changing the County’s “sprawl and crawl” automobile culture.

Also, a week later, on Tuesday, September 7, at 7PM, a number of organizations, including the Citizens League of Montgomery County, www.mococitizens.org, will host a debate for the four at-large Council seats. The bigger debate will be held at Brookside Gardens, 1800 Glenallan Ave. in Wheaton.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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