I received the following message from Mr. Leggett today.

I received the following message from Mr. Leggett today.

Thank you for your recent letter about redevelopment in the White Flint area.

We are examining alternatives for financing including one that would not result in any additional costs for existing residential property owners related to the implementation of the $1 billion plus White Flint Sector Plan. Such a plan would fund this very intensive program without charging additional taxes or fees to those who currently own homes in the Sector Plan area. To that end, County staff is working diligently with representatives from the various condominium associations, commercial property owners, Planning Board staff and financial advisors to determine how to pay for the new and rebuilt infrastructure while reducing or eliminating any additional burden on current homeowners in the White Flint area.

I appreciate your taking the time to share your concerns – improving the White Flint area will require a long-term commitment by all of us involved in the task.


Isiah Leggett

County Executive

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